aurora itralis

for Mathew mk 8
Art by Judith Clute

Itra-Troll is nearly ready for playtesting – I just need to mock-up a new version of the Card Drop and iron out one or two details of the gameplay.

This is the pitch for the RPG convention Concrete Cow in Milton Keynes on September 10th:-

Itra-Troll (a supplement for Itras by)

“We are the dreamers who dream and then live in the dream.”

Nothing has been heard from the scientific personnel at the research station Itra-Troll since they reported seeing the face of Itra in the lights of the aurora itralis. This is a story about their rescue party.

You’ll learn more about the innermost desires of your character on entering Itra-Troll than you might ever have suspected: you’ll draw cards to represent the hopes and fears of your character, watch as they come to life as dreams made flesh, despair as the other members of the collective make an unholy mess of them.

Will you dare to turn on the dreaming machines?

GM: Abstract Machine
Players: 3 to 5
Slot: Morning

Playstyle: Norwegian Surreal; player narration, card-based resolution.

Warning, Will Robinson: this is a playtest.


Deep Blue Sea

Inspired by the nightmares of marine Telepathy suffered by Australian screenwriter Duncan Kennedy on seeing a victim of a shark attack washed up outside his beachfront home, Deep Blue Sea takes the seaborne Monster Movie typified in the modern era by Jaws (1975) and adds a soupçon of Uplift to the quasi-Biological explanation for the behaviour of the sharks. “You’ve taken God’s oldest killing machine and given it will and desire,” says an aghast Carter Blake (Jane) on finding out that chief scientists Jim Whitlock (Skarsgård) and Susan McAlester (Burrows) have flouted the code of ethics in their bid to meet a 48-hour deadline to discover a cure for Alzheimer’s. “What you’ve done is knocked us all the way to the bottom of the goddamn food chain.”

Deep Blue Sea

Manifesto Image 4.2

det kan gå troll i ord

Image at the top-centre is by Judith Clute

I took out most of the pyschedelic stuff – Itras by isn’t really that kind of game. I’m ready to do the same for the Card Drop. Things need a little cutting back for the sake of clarity.

Fourth Manifesto PDF